Category Management

Timmons Sheehan Company utilizes several data collection and reporting software systems to give a “bottom up” approach to retail analytics. This approach gives us a snapshot of all aspects of sales, distribution, promotional effectiveness, and competitor data. Our data analytics puts us a step ahead in recognizing and capitalizing on growing sales trends and maximizes the effectiveness of promotional support.

Analytical Capabilities


– SV Insights

  • A vast database of POS data
  • Distribution gap and inventory data
  • Sales trend recognition
  • Pricing and promotion optimization
  • Business and category reviews

Target POL

– Merch IQ

  • Sales and inventory reporting
  • Sales trends and projections
  • Key inventory, sales and expense performance tracking

Nielson Ratings

  • National and regional sales tracking

IRI Data

Planogram & Retail Space Management

category management - midwest food brokers
SV Insights - Food Broker Category Management
Food Broker Category Management
Food Broker Category Management